Home buyers need a home inspected?

Buyers Need Home Inspections

At McIntosh Home Inspection Inc. we understand buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. We believe you should be very well informed about the home that you’re interested inWith twenty plus years of construction experience, primarily focused on structural concrete, attaining an overall view of the health of a home has become second nature.

Our focus is to give you a better overall view, and awareness of the home. There may very well be some hidden defects that take special training, and certain techniques, that only a certified home inspector can find.

Our detailed reports include color photographs, with arrows, circles, or squares showing you exactly where the problem area is. They will inform you of problems with a home from significant structural defects, down to damaged weather stripping around a door.

Our Clients are treated with individual care, and are walked through the entire Home Inspection Process. If you are able to attend the Inspection, you will be walked through and shown any defects that were found at the end of the Inspection.