McIntosh Home Inspection explains the importance of Real Estate Professionals finding the right home inspector in Prescott.

McIntosh Home Inspection explains the importance of Real Estate Professionals finding the right home inspector in Prescott

Realtors know that the home inspection is very important to selling the home.  McIntosh Home Inspection in Prescott shares why it is very important to use an inspector you can trust and who has your best interest in mind.


1. Protecting you and your clients.  The last thing you need at this point in the sale process is an inspector who cries “the sky is falling!”  We suggest working with a professional inspector who will point out all deficiencies found in the inspection, but will also take the time to explain whether or not they should be addressed prior to the sale.  Our goal is to protect you and the client, but also not kill the real estate transaction.


2. Bringing serious issues to your attention.  A proper home inspection could find problems with the house that you never would have noticed.  Sometimes these issues are so serious that they should be fixed before buying the home.  While our goal is to help the sales process goes smoothly, it is also our responsibility to make sure you and your clients are aware of these potential deal breaking issues.


3. Proper accreditation.  Your home inspector should be licensed and bonded at a minimum.  It is also advisable to make sure they have proper insurance coverage.  Highly qualified inspectors will also be certified with at least one professional inspector groups.  We here at McIntosh Home Inspection are licensed, bonded, carry liability insurance and are certified through multiple professional organizations.  


4. Walk through with clients.  We encourage the Realtor and their clients to attend the inspection.  We feel that it is very important for us to be able to show your clients exactly what we are finding and what we are concerned about.  Sometimes pictures cannot do an issue justice.


5. Printed hard copy of report.  We provide a hard copy of our report at the inspection site.  No need for you to go back to your office and print our file.  We highlight all concerns on the report in blue that tie into the summary at the back of the report.  This should make it easier to read.  The entire report is numerically itemized, making it easier for you to enter line items in a B.I.N.S.R. form. (Buyers Inspection Notice Sellers Response)

We hope that if you’re a professional Realtor, that you will give us a call.  We would love to work with you.  For a professional home inspection, one certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors, contact Josh at McIntosh Home Inspection in Prescott. Call 928-237-0861.