McIntosh Home Inspection talks about why you should get your building inspected in Prescott.

mcintosh home inspection talks about why you should get your building inspected in prescott.

Hoping to move your business into a highly sought after commercial property?  Do you know how old the building is?  Are you up to date on what building and safety codes have come into place since the construction of your desired building?  McIntosh Home Inspection talks about some items you might want to be aware of and why you should hire a building inspector to check out your potential business property in Prescott.

The purpose of having an inspection done on a building is to protect the safety and the health of the future owners and occupants.  We do this by doing plan review and field inspections to ensure compliance with the adopted codes.

Plans will be reviewed for code compliance. Before any work can be done to “update” your new building, building inspectors will need to check the condition of many parts of the current building.  Permits can be issued based on code compliance, but if you do not know the current condition of your building, you may be caught completely off guard.

Many things are checked…but here is a small example:


–    Electric wiring

–    Plumbing

–    Roof

–    Foundation

–    Handicap Accessibility

–    Fire Suppression system.

–    Entry and Exit accessibility.


Building Inspectors will protect the welfare and safety of the public by assisting in the observance of all construction, building permit prep, and understanding state and local ordinances all in a professional and courteous manner.

We hope that you enjoyed this information.  Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  For a professional building inspection, please contact Josh at McIntosh Home Inspection in Prescott. Call 928-237-0861.